How to Make Money Blogging (Plus a Challenge)

How to Make Money BloggingI love covering topics on making money online. And, it’s come to my attention that I haven’t covered much on blogging. Which is crazy because I actually have been making money blogging and without my blog I don’t think I would have the writing jobs that I’ve gotten.

The real reason I wanted to briefly cover blogging is because I just took a challenge to see how many visitors and how many email subscribers I can get. (Okay a friend tempted me but it’s more like a challenge to myself.) Anyways, I’ve set some pretty lofty (and perhaps unattainable?) goals.

So, on Friday I am going to reveal it all. How many visitors I get per month, how many page views I get per month, how many email subscribers I have, and what my new goals will be…….makes me nervous!

I want to cover starting a new blog because when I first created this blog I was never more driven to actually try and find readers. I absolutely believe that anyone can start a blog and with time, make money from it.

(Want to know what sparked my challenge and inspired this post? Read Dollars and Roses income reports. Seriously they’re awesome, check them out. You’ll be intrigued, too. Promise.)

Start Your Blog

It’s pretty likely that you’ve already read a ton of posts on how to create and make money from a blog.

If not, here’s a quick rundown.

Ok, that’s a super basic description of how to start a blog. But really, starting a blog is pretty basic.

I have step by step instructions on how you can start a freelancer’s website for $18. You could also use these directions to start your own blog. Just keep in mind that if you use the hosting you will be limited by design choices and won’t be able to run ads on your blog.

I personally use Go Daddy for domain name purchases and hosting. I’ve tried a couple other hosting companies but Go Daddy has definitely been my absolute favorite web-host.

Go Daddy Deal: 25% off your first purchase! New Customers only! (Affiliate Link)

Draw in Traffic

Once you start your blog you’ll have to work on drawing in traffic if you want to earn any money through cost per click ads, like Google Ad Sense, through affiliate marketing, by selling your own products, or direct advertising.

You can concentrate on growing your traffic through social media networks like Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter (which I totally suck at.) Or you can do what I did in the beginning – guest post.


Now to the tricky part, actually making money through a blog. There are several ways you could go about this.

Here are a few:

  • Run CPC (cost per click) ads <– This method will take a ton of traffic to pay off.
  • Affiliate marketing (selling someone else’s product and receiving a commission)
  • Sell your own products (eBooks, courses, etc.)
  • Direct Advertising (dealing with advertisers yourself, selling ads on your side bar, etc.)

I am just to the point where Google Ad Sense is accumulating to anything more than pennies. I’ve pretty much completely removed Google Ad Sense from this website because of the way it looks. I did, however, leave Ad Sense on my other two sites and have pulled in a few bucks from it.

I know when I started my very first blog I thought monetization was going to be the easy part. I figured I’d throw up some ads and of course people would click them. Trust me, it doesn’t really work that way. You’ve got to build your traffic up before you’ll be able to bank off of ads.

My future plans are to find those couple of products that I really feel comfortable promoting. (I hate trying to sell people stuff – hate it.)  I am also working on creating another, more useful eBook.

As for now direct advertising has absolutely been the best money maker for Single Moms Income.

Shall You Join Me?

If you have a blog or want to start one feel free to join me. When you see my new goals you may think I’ve gone off the deep end but I feel like I need to challenge myself.

After all, now that I’m working from home I need to fill my free time with something. Might as well be something I really enjoy!

So, Friday I’ll reveal it all. (Which really makes me nervous but I’m gonna do it anyway!)

Until then here is some blogging/writing/online business income report motivation for you:

Feeling motivated? Join me!

Clip to Evernote
About Alexa

Alexa Mason is the blogger behind Single Moms Income, a personal finance freelance writer, and wanna-be internet entrepreneur. This is where she shares her journey as a single mother trying to make it big.


  1. Hi thanks for the information, just created a blog recently, actualy I had one but changed the platform, think about monetizing, am grateful for the detailed info. How do I join you?

    • Well Friday I am going to post my goals and you can feel free to as well. And then if you need an accountability partner feel free to email me!

  2. Ah you must really hate the look of my site because of AdSense ads : ( Just kiding! I totally know what you are talking about. I have made just under $100 month on AdSense recently and I think that’s really good for AdSense. I would love to broker deals to have private banner ads instead, but for now I am okay experiementing with AdSense. I do know some clicks can pay up to $15/20 per click as some keywords are highly sought after by companies. Anyway glad to hear we are both making money and here’s to many years of online income : )

    • No I actually think your site looks great! I don’t really mind Google Adsense on other sites so much, for some reason I just don’t like it on mine. It really doesn’t benefit me enough to take up the space. It took me more than a year to get to the $100 payout with it.

      I am hoping that if I can get my other sites going that Adsense will be a part of the monetization method. I think the ads will have higher pay rates.

  3. Thanks for the information! I haven’t really considered trying to monetize my blog – I’m more interested in making an income off freelance writing. But this is a great, to-the-point informational post that I’ll be saving for future reference! I’m excited to read about your new goals!

  4. This sounds like a great challenge. Can’t wait! Thanks.

  5. I feel like income and traffic reports on blogs are pretty rare. A lot of people want to keep that stuff secret for good reason, but the blogs that do talk about it have really inspired me. I’ve almost hit that $100 payment threshold in Google Adsense!!

    • It took me forever to hit the Adsense payment threshold. I like posting my goals online because it actually motivates me to do better. Although it makes me nervous to post my traffic for the fact that it’s probably pretty low compared to others. I am trying not to compare myself to other bloggers though. Sometimes easier said than done!

  6. Yep, that’s how you do it!

    All of the things you mentioned really do work if you do all of them and are consistent about it.

  7. I’m just starting with AdSense, and I probably don’t have enough traffic yet to do direct advertising or affiliate marketing, but I’m getting there!

  8. Looking forward to the reveal! I’ve had a couple of private ads, but not much traction there. I’d love to get into more affiliate marketing, but like you said only for products I really feel comfortable promoting. The reality is that some of the major tools I use either don’t have affiliate programs or only have them for people with much more traffic than I currently get. All the more motivation to keep on building that traffic.

    • I am the same way. I have found 2 programs/products that I really like that I was approved for the affiliate program but I don’t like pushing things down peoples throats. I need to work on a more nonchalant way to promote affiliates. Or maybe affiliate marketing just isn’t for me. Time will tell!

  9. Hi Alexa,

    I would like to join the challenge with you. I have yet to monetize but I feel like the blog’s doing pretty well traffic-wise, so I would love to take the leap. Thanks for linking to that Roses and Dollars blog — very impressive numbers!

    • I am glad you are joining! I need as much accountability as I can get! I am a little nervous to share my traffic because I’m not sure if it’s very good for a one year old blog. Hopefully some other people will be able to share a little about there traffic and how they bring it in!

  10. Thanks for sharing! I would love to monetize my blog but I’m have a long ways to go. Right now, I’m trying to focus on content. Since I freelance write on the side, my blog is a great online “portfolio”.

  11. I’m still building traffic and looking for that product that everyone needs. So far, I haven’t found it and usually feel guilty trying to sell anything. I do think you can make lots of money if you can get people to sign up for a credit card through your site. I am a strong proponent of travel rewards, so I don’t feel bad telling which cards I use, but I still feel a bit wrong because there are readers who are trying to pay off debt, and dangling a credit card offer is not what they need. I’m not sure where making money and feeling guilty equal out and feel OK.

    • I agree with the credit card affiliate marketing. Investing has a pretty high payout from what I’ve seen as well. My problem is that I don’t usually use credit cards and that I am investing idiot so I can’t comfortably promote anything like that. But, I think if you’re big on the credit card rewards then promoting credit card offers is a great idea.

  12. I am excited to see about your challenge. These are always a good way to keep you pushing for more readers. I will be tuning back in on Friday.

    Adsense is a tricky beast. You have to put the ads in the right place and understand which ad formats work the best. My site is doing the best it ever has these past few months and hopefully that can continue!

    • Adsense IS a tricky beast! When I first started blogging I thought it would be my ticket to earning money – wrong! I am going to have to browse your site and pay attention to your placings.

      My goals are a little high in comparison to the traffic I get now but at the same time I feel they are completely doable!

  13. Thanks for sharing. I’d definitely like to monetize my blog. I’m looking forward to the big reveal on Friday. And the income report on Dollars and Roses is awesome…wow, didn’t know you could make that much from a blog. I really need to work harder and smarter…

    • I know Jeff and Mandy are motivating, aren’t they? I already watched their SEO videos and read the Pinterest post. I went back and incorporated their tips into some of my more popular posts. Hopefully that’ll help me a little toward reaching my goal.

  14. Great stuff Alexa!!

    I too will be taking down Adsense of my simple blog. I do have it on some other blogs and do make money off of them but I find it takes away from the aesthetic and message of my blog. But one has to try at first to see what works and what doesn’t!

    I look forward to your Friday post and will maybe take you up on your challenge :)

    Take care and all the best.


    • I completely agree! You have to try and see what works best for you. You don’t know until you give it a try. For some reason I felt guilty leaving Adsense on my sidebar. It’s in a couple of my posts but really not too many.

  15. Seems like the bloggers I read are really split on whether to do Adsense or not. How much traffic would you say you need in order for that to begin to pay off? My guess is I don’t have enough yet.

    • I’d say a freakin ton! It took me more than a year to make it to the $100 payout. I don’t know though, I have a hard time placing ads in clickable spots. It just doesn’t feel right to me. Not on this blog anyway.

  16. Good tips on how to start a blog for beginners. I agree making money is the most tricky part.You made some good money last month but you had to hustle elsewhere. Not just from the blog.

    • Yes exactly! A portion of the money came from the blog but I also had a pretty good month as far as freelancing is concerned last month. I’ve yet to line up as many freelance jobs for this month.

  17. I get intimidated when I think about monetizing my blog because I’ve only made a few bucks from adsense (not nearly a decent amount for all the work I put into it!). Thankfully I do it mostly for fun. Still, one day I hope to make a good side income from my blog.

    • I’d keep this blog up whether I made money from it or not. I really enjoy blogging and meeting other people online. But, if you can make money from a hobby it’s worth a try!

      I agree with the Adsense thing. It’s tough, for sure.

  18. I am so excited you’ll be sharing your numbers on Friday. You are such an inspiration to me.

  19. Thanks for the advice. I hadn’t had much luck with Goole Adsense but I just added it. Looking at some other options now!

  20. I am losing a lot of traffic because I suck at the social networking part, but in my case the income I manage to generate from blogging is enough for me and my family to live a decent life. I plan on trying to improve the affiliate sales and generate passive income as soon as possible, but I also suck at this too and never managed to have the success other affiliate bloggers had. Well, hopefully my time will come :))

  21. Great goals, Alexa! I want to work harder on increasing readership. I’ve never really thought about that until recently, but although we’ve got great numbers right now, they’ve been stagnant, and I’d like to challenge myself to get them to grow.

  22. I would not recommend GoDaddy for anything. had horrible experiences, so did my clients. For registrations I used namecheap and the hosting comes from HostGator. once you use a cpanel host you will NEVER want to deal with the sluggish and horribly planned hosting interface in GD. I mean it’s ludicrous to have to wait for 20 minutes to set a database (or do anything on it), when a cpanel hosting account lets me do it INSTANTLY.
    Agreed on all the other things though ;)

  23. I have been ghost writing for sometime now. I know there is an opportunity in blogging but I am not “techie” so I really don’t know how and where to start. Reading your post piqued my interest all the more but still feel so lost.

  24. I really need to guest post more. I’ve been trying to make my images more pinnable, too. (Read both posts. :)) I still haven’t met the $100 payout on Adsense. Granted, I took it down a long while ago. I was just getting too frustrated by the slow growth, and like you, thought it was cluttering up my site. Great tips!

  25. Alexa! Great blog you have here! :) I was just doing some “googling” for a blog post I was writing and realized that this post was ranking really high for being so new…. I’m IMPRESSED!

    I’m really glad that I came across this post because I think once the right people discover the benefits of blogging, they will open up doors to true lifestyle freedom.

    I’m looking forward to your blog posts in the future!

    Talk soon,

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