Facebook Yard Sales: A Better Alternative to Craigslist

Facebook Yard Sales
Are you looking for a good place to sell your stuff online? Are you sick of using Craigslist and eBay?  
If so, Facebook Yard Sales might be the solution you’re looking for!

I have tried my hand a few times at selling on Craigslist.

I would be bombarded by phone calls and texts the first week. Then I’d have to repeatedly answer a ton of questions. But worst of all, about ninety percent of the people who would call or text weren’t even really interested in what I had to sell.

Recently my brother had a handful of higher dollar items that he wanted to sell and asked me if I’d help him out. Since I knew he had paid much less for these items than what he was asking I told him I would do it for a 15% commission.

Instead of heading to Craigslist I decided to go to the local Facebook Groups – “the county yard sale” and “buy,sell,trade, guns.”

Within moments of posting the items I had two hits. As the day progressed several people had commented on the post or private messaged me. I sold the items the same day.

I ended up selling a gun on one of the pages for triple what my brother had paid for it. (He got a good deal.) The other items he sold went at retail prices.

I was amazed at how quick and easy it was to make those sales.

Why Facebook Yard Sales are Better than Craigslist

I don’t plan on heading back to Craigslist any time soon. I see so many more benefits of Facebook Groups, such as yard sales and online garage sales when it comes to selling. Here’s why:

    • People get obsessive with Facebook, checking these groups multiple times a day. So it is great exposure.
    • When an item is commented on it gets sent back up to the top of the feed.
    • You can communicate with people via Private Message rather than getting a ton of phone calls and texts.
    • There are thousands of people in these groups.
    • When you post something all of your friends in the group are notified.
    • If something isn’t selling quickly you can “bump” back up to the top of the feed by commenting on it.
    • People often “tag” friends that they think might be interested in the item in the comments section.
    • You can scan through all the postings and immediately see what type of items are selling the fastest and for the most. (Easy research)

How to Sell on Facebook Yardsales

Looking to sell some of your clutter? Facebook Yard Sales are the place to be. Here's step by step instructions for getting started and why selling on Facebook is a great alternative to selling on Craigslist.

  • In the search bar on Facebook type “yardsale + your county or city name”
  • Click the yard sale, online garage sale or other group page that you want to sell on and click join. An administrator will most likely have to approve your request. This could take up to 24 hours. (See tip below for getting into a closed group.)
  • Upload a photo of the item you want to sell, along with price, description, and pick up terms.
  • Other members in the group can comment on your post or private message you with their offer.
  • Make an agreement and sell it!
  • If your item doesn’t sell quickly comment on your post to send it back to the top of the feed. (You’ll often see people commenting bump, next, or simply adding a period to do this.

TIP: If the Facebook yard sale or garage sale group you are interested in says it’s a “closed group” that means you need someone in the group to add you. Post a status update on your Facebook page asking if anyone else is in the group you want to join. Chances are there will be several of your Facebook friends already in that group. They can add you and you’re in!

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After having such a smooth experience selling on the Facebook Yard Sale, I don’t think I will ever use Craigslist again. Millions of people log onto Facebook every day, I don’t think that you can get better exposure than that!

Have you ever sold anything in a Facebook Yard Sale? Good Experiences? Bad Experiences? Let me know in the comments section.


  1. says

    Friends of ours sell all their stuff especially clothes and baby clothes on Facebook Marketplace or 24 hour auction. I believe it’s called for each city. My wife bought something from a Facebook Page like you describe in our city. We won an auction and she went and picked it up. The auction though you take what you get but the prices are rock bottom like a garage sale. You are right, many people are on FB, it’s a great place to buy and sell!

    • Alexa says

      I always see really good deals on baby stuff and kids clothes. Anyone who is expecting can find everything they need on the cheap!

  2. says

    I had not heard of using FB for a yard sale, but it makes very good sense. And since you know people on FB, as opposed to the anonymity of Craigslist, you have a better sense of who the buying “pool” is.

  3. John S @ Frugal Rules says

    I never had thought about using FB to do something like that. I can see the benefits of using it though. We usually sell a bunch of stuff several times a year and use CL and generally have good success, but all of the emails can be a bit annoying.

    • Alexa says

      I am okay with the emails, but when I list my phone number for the bigger items I get sick of people calling and texting me. Especially since a lot of them aren’t really interested in buying anyway. It’s annoying.

  4. says

    I need more information on how this works. I just tried looking up different yard sale groups on Facebook with no results. Many “Closed Groups” but nothing that seemed like a legitimate place to sell stuff. What exactly do you need to search for?? Thanks! I don’t like selling on Craigslist that much, so this could be a great alternative.

    • Alexa says

      If the groups you are finding are closed that means you need someone to invite you to join the group. Ask if any of you other FB friends are in the group and they can add you. A lot of your friends are probably already in the group.

      • Cristie Jo says

        You can request to join any group that is OPEN or CLOSED, usually pending admin approval. You do not have to have a friend already in the group. In an OPEN group, anyone can see the posts but only members of the group can comment or post. In a CLOSED group, only members can see posts made on the group. There are also PRIVATE groups, only another member can add you to the group pending admin approval and you will not be able to find the group or get the group link to work until you are a member. I admin several and have over 40,000 members. :-) Most well run groups are a much safer and fun way to buy and sell items. They are a lot of work for the admins but I love my members and love helping. It’s like a little internet family!

  5. says

    I have bought and sold a ton on our local FB buy and sell. In my town of 20ooo there are approx. 5000 in the group. The key I think is writing a good ad, having photos, posting to the right photo album, so it’s more searchable, and price…I have several things I have sold within a couple hours including my old car. In our small town there are separate buy and sells for baby stuff, pets, home based business, etc. as well.

  6. says

    What an awesome idea. I have never heard of Facebook yard sales! Yes you’re right about Craigslist sometimes getting annoying. I’ll check out FB.

  7. Dana says

    If you like using Facebook to buy and sell Check out http://www.yardsey.com – it is an app that let’s a Facebook yard sale group have its own private mini eBay like site and it’s FREE! It lets sellers manage all their items in one place and if they belong to more than one group they can create one listing and post it across multiple groups. The app posts each item created to the groups wall and also automatically deletes items too. You can easily see all items from one seller and search and browse in categories just like eBay. Check it out, too many features to list here!

  8. Janice says

    Honestly I have had better luck with craigslist and have sold hundreds of items in the past few years with only a few flakes. If the item is priced right it will sell in the first day most within just hours. I have found nothing but flakes on Facebook swaps and more junkies items. Mostly younger moms getting rid of used baby and kids toys. I have got tons that make comment interested yet never show when they are supposed to or want something for nothing. I list at a third of price most times on Craig’s and firm and never have any problems. Too bad more are going to these sites now a ton of different ones and no way to sort through the crap for certain catagories.

  9. says

    We’ve been selling a ton of books & CDs online so that I can stay home with our baby, but there are some things that are too large/heavy to mail and we don’t really live somewhere that would work for a yard sale. This sounds perfect – I’m so glad I found this post!

  10. says

    Hi Alexa – I wasn’t aware of Facebook Yardsales until now. Looks like a good option as EVERYONE is on Facebook.

    We just launched a Classifieds on our site which is focused on buying/selling baby and kid gear. It’s like Craiglist+Etsy but without the scams. https://classifieds.builtbykids.com/

    Would love for you to try it out.

  11. says

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  12. says

    My wife and I own a small online business and over 90% of our sales come from Facebook yard sale sites. We actually created a group to host only our items for sale, which has worked wonderfully.

    • amber says

      Hi Trevor,

      I have a ton of baby and house hold items and it gets overwhelming to keep track of all of them across different groups. I was thinking of creating a page but did not know if that would work well. I even started doing #andname so they can click and see all my stuff too. how did you set your page up? Can you share it?

  13. Cindy says

    I would like to try and sell my stuff on a facebook yard sale page.
    How do I get started?

    • Chonce says

      Hi Cindy, thanks for the comment. To get started you’ll need to have a Facebook profile and search for yard sale groups in your area. Another popular term would be ‘buy, sell, trade + your city name’. Once you find the ideal Facebook group you’ll have to join and start taking quality pictures of the items you want to sell. Good luck!

  14. Natty says

    I have a few extra things around that I want to sell, but they aren’t well suited for an open yard sale, and I really think I could get more for them if I posted them online.
    The thing is I only what to sell these things for now, I don’t want to make a hobby out of selling things online at the moment, however looking at most online sellers it seems that their terms only apply to those who are selling things online as a hobby or career. (obsessively following trends, ebays frankly ridculous fees)
    So I just wanted to ask if facebook yard sales would be good for a someone like me, who isn’t sure if they’re interested in selling things frequently but who has things to sell and is interested in trying things out on facebook?

    • Chonce says

      Hi Natty, thanks for the comment! I think you should definitely try Facebook yard sale groups considering your situation. Facebook selling groups are very informal and easy to use, You can post your items whenever you want whether it’s once a week, once a month or twice a year. And it’s great that you will only get to deal with local buyers and avoid common fees associated with listing items online and selling them.


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