A Frugal Closet: A Look At What I Own

frugal closetAs I’ve been giving family and friends tours of the new house I keep getting the same comments “Are those the only clothes you own?”

Why, yes, yes they are!

In comparison to the people I know my clothing collection looks quite tiny. But there’s a very smart reason for this.

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How (And Why) I Started Outsourcing Some of My Online Work

Outsourcing online workWhen you start an online business you can easily become attached to it. You love it like it’s one of your kids, which makes it super hard to start outsourcing – even if you really need to.

Letting go of certain tasks is not easy but it can be completely worth it. This is the first year where I’ve been serious about getting help and I am so grateful that I did.

Here are the things I outsource and how I got started.

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Daycare Help For Single Moms

Working as a single mom is the ultimate catch-22. Childcare is expensive which means you can quickly work just to cover that costs. If this how you feel here are some resources for daycare help for single moms that can help lighten the burden.Choosing quality and affordable child care as a single mom can be a very difficult decision. Finding the right daycare for your child as a parent in general is already tough enough, but for single parent households with young children it’s crucial.

If you’re a single mom and you have no one to provide care for your child(ren), you won’t be able to get to work and make money. Even if you do have family to help out and a daycare to send the kids too, childcare costs are not cheap.

The average cost of center-based daycare in the U.S. is $11,666 per year or $972 per month and child care costs range from $3,582 to $18,773 per year ($300-$1,564 monthly).

Mind you, these prices can often reflect the cost of care for just one child. In my area, full-time daycare for one young child (non-infant) costs around $700/month. Some daycare centers offer discounts for the second and third child, but spending more than $1000/month on child care is just not in the budget for a lot of people.

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How My Mom Landed a Freelance Writing Job Without Even Trying

how bloggers can get freelance writing jobsIsn’t it crazy how some people seem to luck into jobs while others spin their wheels with no results? It can be either extremely encouraging or extremely annoying depending on the way you look at it.

Regardless, there is definitely something to be learned!

Let me tell you how my mom just got a pretty sweet freelance writing offer without even trying. First, some background.

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How I Track Business Income and Expenses (Free Google Doc + Printable)

Looking for a better way to track your business income and expenses. Here's a free business income worksheet printable plus a Google Doc to get you started.Whether you start making money on the side or take the full time leap into self-employment it’s vital that you track your income and expenses.

My first year of side hustling I did a good job tracking my income but not so much on expenses. When tax time rolled around I had to spend hours going through all of my accounts tracking down what I spent. It wasn’t fun.

But taxes aren’t the only reason you should track business income and expenses.

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Keeping Kids Entertained While Traveling This Summer

Traveling with kids.Let’s face it, traveling with kids can prove to be quite challenging at times. However, I have compiled some travel entertainment tips that have worked for me and could work for you too. Of course, all of the suggestions below will differ depending on how responsive your children would be to them and how old they are. That said, if traveling isn’t in the cards for this summer, see our article on fun and frugal summer activities to do with the kids that stick within your budget.

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Increase Your Search Engine Traffic: Real Strategies That REALLY Work

create a keyword plan and rock your seoAfter writing last weeks post on how to earn money with ad networks I sat down to write a post on exactly how you can increase your search engine traffic. A lot of the blog posts I previously read on the subject were either so generic that the tactics didn’t really work or so complicated that nobody would actually implement them.

I wanted to show you step-by-step what I have done over the past year that has increased my search engine traffic more than 5x’s.

In fact, I went back through my analytics and saw that from June 9th, 2014 – July 9th, 2014 I had gotten 10,899 visits from the search engines, which amounted to 17,220 pageviews.

Exactly one year later, from June 9th, 2015 to July 9th, 2015 I have received 55,296 visits from the search engines which worked itself out to 87,921 pageviews.

As I sat down to write the blog post I quickly ended up with 11 pages of content and around 4,600 words. Obviously I had a lot more to say than one blog post was going to allow! So I turned this into a guide.

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