How I Went From Zero to $4,000 per Month In Less Than 6 Months as a Freelance Writer

Want to make money freelance writing? Learn how Gina went from $0 to $4,000 per month as a freelance writer in less than six months!

Do you like your job?

No seriously, do you really like it?

(If you do, this post could still be for you too, so stick around for a minute.)

I felt so guilty that I wasn’t in love with my former career as a financial advisor. It was basically the first real career I had out of college (not my first job per say, but first declarence of “this is what I’m going to be when I grow up!”).

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Work At Home Typing Jobs

Looking for some work at home typing jobs? Here are six legit companies who may hire you! (Pay will vary.)A lot of people want to begin their work from home journey with an entry level job to get some experience and I’m often asked about at home typing jobs.

Typing jobs can be very different and there’s often more to them than just “typing.”  The term typing jobs is a very broad term.

Before I show you where to find these jobs I thought it would be a good idea to go over the different types of jobs.

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How To Overcome a Budgeting Failure

Feeling like budget failure this month? Stop beating yourself up and get back on track, here's what to do.Budgeting failure is something we all experience from time to time. Whether you’re a spreadsheet guru or completely new to budgeting, there’s just so much that can go wrong in a given month. For starters, you can easily underestimate your expenses or overestimate your expenses and wind up wasting the extra money instead of saving it.

An unexpected illness can throw you off course or cause you to retreat to your emergency fund for relief. Budgeting failure can often result in debt, embarrassment, and irrational spending.

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6 Ways to Diversify Your Income

Six smart ways to diversify your income.I have a post today at The College Investor on one of my favorite topics – diversifying income. I think you’ll like it!

The more I diversify my income the more I realize what a huge blessing it is to have the opportunity to do this. It not only allows me to experiment with new ideas, but I also have the comfort of knowing that if one income stream fails I have several more to back me up.

It took me awhile to learn how to effectively diversify my income but now the possibilities seem truly limitless.

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How I Organize My Money and Savings Goals

The way I organize my money has eliminated much of the need for an actual budget. Here are the four systems that work really well for me.I think by now I’ve done individual posts on some of the ways I keep my money organized but I’ve never laid it all out at once.

Today I wanted to show you how I organize my money and how I strive to reach my financial goals. My system takes away a lot of the need for actual paper and pen budgeting, which you’ll see below!

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Top 5 Ways to Work at Home with Amazon

There are so many ways to earn an living online. If you want to get started with a reputable company here are the top five ways to work at home with Amazon.This is a guest post from Angie at The Work at Home Wife

While there is still a lot of apprehension when discussing work from home opportunities with newcomers, there is an increasing number of reputable companies offering remote opportunities today. One such company is Amazon.

There are several ways you can make money working at home with Amazon. The possibilities range from actual telecommuting employee positions to fabulously lucrative home business options.

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The Big Difference Between Sacrifice and Deprivation

Working toward some big financial goals? If so, it's important that you realize there's a big difference between sacrifice and deprivation. Only one of these works long term.
If you read a lot of personal finance blogs, you’ll probably come across plenty of bloggers listing things that they’re willing to give up or sacrifice in order to get out of debt, or just get their finances in order. The ‘What I’m Giving up To Get out of Debt’ type of posts are my favorite because I’m interested to see what other people choose to sacrifice in order to improve their financial situation.

Improving your financial situation requires some sort of sacrifice. It’s unlikely that you will wake up one morning with more money in your account and no mortgage if you don’t make a few sacrifices and do the work to get there. When you make unusual or sometimes drastic financial sacrifices, it’s likely that others will assume that you are unnecessarily depriving yourself from the ‘joys of life’.

This is usually never the case since making sacrifices and being deprived are two completely unique concepts with several differences:

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