What Do You Do for Fun During the Winter?

The middle of town last winter

Last winter this was the middle of the main road!

I have cabin fever.

I noticed this slight feeling of depression creeping in about a week and a half ago. My grouchy mood started getting worse each day.

I started to think maybe I was working too much. I’ve put in some serious hours over this past month and I began to wonder if that was starting to cause me burn out. So….I took the whole weekend off technology. It didn’t help.

In fact, it actually worsened the problem. I wasn’t really burnt out at all, I just needed something to do! By forcing myself not to work (which I enjoy) I realized how much I was missing the warm weather. I just needed to get outside.

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An Easy Trick to Automatically Save Money in 2015

Make saving easy this year. If you automatically save money you don't need will power or a fancy system. Here's a neat tool that can help!

Today I have a guest post by my blog friend and fellow freelance blogger, Cat Alford.

I first got serious about saving money in 2012. Unfortunately, I had to experience a rock bottom moment for me to actually get the motivation I needed to organize my finances once and for all.

I’ve told the story a few times before, but basically I was in the Wal-Mart checkout line with a massive pile of groceries and other products (because really, who leaves Wal-Mart with just one item amiright?) To make a long story short, my credit card didn’t work when I tried to check out. Then, my debit card didn’t work. My mom, who was with me, had to bail me out. I was 24 years old, and I was mortified. I cried the whole way home. I’m not sure why. I just felt like such a failure. 

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Why You Need to Know Your “Enough”

Finding your level of enough has a profound effect. You'll not only be aware of the amount of money you need to find fulfillment but you can also plan your goals around this number. This will give you a very realistic picture of the time it will take to actually reach those goals, too!I don’t know how this happened but I have never read Your Money or Your Life until now. This is pretty strange considering I’ve read every single personal finance book my library has. (Seriously!) But apparently they never had this one.

While I don’t particularly love everything about this book (I do believe it’s great for anyone just starting to work on their finances though) there’s one point made that I absolutely, positively agree with.

That point is finding YOUR enough.

I had originally planned to write a post about cutting variable expenses today. But after reading about finding your “enough” I soon realized that I’m in no position to offer anyone advice on cutting variable expenses. After all, what one person finds value in someone else might hate.

I might think you’re traveling is a waste of money and you might think my monthly trip to Chuck E. Cheese is a waste of money. But really, who are we to judge each other? We all find value in different things.

This is why you should know your own level of “enough.”

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4 Ways to Save Money on Food

The cost of food can easily take over your budget. Luckily there are things you can do to prevent this. Here are four ways to save money on food plus a free menu planning printable.

One of my goals for the year that I hadn’t shared on the blog was to try and save money by living a more natural lifestyle. And for me that means cutting out all fast food. (Now don’t get me wrong – it’s very likely that you’ll catch me in a Long Horn or Red Lobster at least a few times this year but drive thrus? I’m swearing you off.)

A big part of my living more natural to save money has to do with food and household items. As you know, food can easily become a huge budget buster if you let it. At the end of a busy day it’s so easy to go through McDonalds rather than cooking yourself. I’ve been there.

If you want to get serious about saving on food you have to create your own convenience. (Which you can do!)

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How I Save Money: Conquering the Money Mindset

I firmly believe saving money is more about mindset than anything else. Here's how I am able to save money on a regular basis plus my money beliefs.


This post is part of the TaxACT How I Save blog tour which teaches you ways to keep more money in your pocket. Last year, TaxACT saved America over $240 million on tax preparation. How much can you save? To learn more about tips and strategies on saving, click here

We’ve been talking about strategies to save money over the last week and we’ll cover many more over the next week. However, I feel like saving money and managing money in a responsible way has a lot more to do with mindset than it has to do with tactics.

Today I wanted to talk about the things that allow me to really be able to live on a small amount of money and be completely happy doing it.

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Your Attitude Determines Your Outcome

Feeling down on your luck, like you'll never be able to get ahead? If so, you need to change your attitude. Here's why having the right attitude is the most important success factor.Over the last couple of months I’ve offered to help more than a dozen women try to find work from home jobs. However, out of those dozen there’s only one of them that I know of who has actually taken my advice.

From this experience and from my own growing pains over the past few years I’ve determined that it all comes down to attitude.

If you think you can do something then you can surely do it. If you think your life is destined for eternal bad luck and you have the “never get ahead” mentality, then you’re never going to get ahead.

If you feel sorry for your circumstances then you’ll never have the strength to overcome them. If you look at your current circumstances with determination to make your life different, then YOU WILL make your life different.

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Ways to Lower Your Fixed Expenses

When you lower your recurring bills you free up room in your budget and reap the benefits all year long. Here are ways to lower your fixed expenses.

Today we’re going to be looking for ways to lower your fixed expenses. The beauty in doing this is that you only have to do the work once to reap the benefits all year long. Plus you’ll create some room in your budget that can be used for more important things.

Are you ready to look at ways to lower your fixed expenses?

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