Let the Christmas Shopping Begin

Christmas is in the air, time for my shopping to begin! I prefer to skip the crowds and do the majority of my shopping online. I just love buying for other people but I need to keep my spending under control!

Here is what I bough this week. (For my Girls)


Lala Loopsy Doll (14.99)

Lala Loopsy Doll (14.99)

Olivia Leap Pad Game (12.50)

Hello Kitty Flash Light (4.79)

My Amazon total was $47.27. I actually signed up for the Amazon credit card to receive a $50.00 credit card, which scored me all of this stuff for free! (Note: There is no annual fee to this credit card. Normally I would not sign up for a credit card just for a gift certificate, but I thought $50.00 was a pretty good bonus.)


Barbie Volkswagen Beetle Power Wheels X’s 2 (267.58)

I decided to knock the “big” present out of the way and bought each of the girls a Barbie Power Wheels.  With my girls, whatever one of them has the other one wants. I decided to forgo the fights and just get them idenctical cars.

Kohls had the best price on these out of all the sites I checked. Not too shabby!

Total Spent So Far $267.58


  1. says

    Looks like you have a head start in the shopping department. We pick names now each January so we know who we have to buy for. It’s much easier as well and less stress as the holidays get hectic around the CBB household. Do you put a spending limit on gifts? Cheers Mr. CBB

    • Alexa says

      I try to stay under $700 total for everyone on my list. I enjoy shopping for daughters so thats where I run into the problems. So I am trying to get their gifts first so I know how much I have left for everyone else on the list.

  2. says

    We still did most of our shopping at brick and mortar stores this year. However, we did buy some stuff online. Every year, we seem to buy just a little more at online stores.

    Our girls also love La La Loospy. They got a few LLL presents last night at our company Xmas party :)

    • Alexa says

      The internet did eat your comment the first time. Glad I checked the spam filter! Online shopping is just so convenient, I hate having to fight the crowds. I like to support local business but I will definitley skip Walmart and go for Amazon instead.


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