Giving Fair Chances

So by now most of you know that I bought a trailer for $1500 that needed some extensive work before I would be able to move in it. I thought I had lined up all the right people, the trailer would be move in ready in 2 weeks-no sweat. Boy was I wrong! The people who “couldn’t wait to start working” ended up being the ones who wouldn’t even bother to show up.

I quickly realized that I had to put to together a new game plan and learn to be patient. With only one dependable person working on the trailer it was going to take quite some time. Unpleased with the progress I decided to get my own hands dirty. I did what I could, which was mostly painting.

I would wake up the weekends that I didn’t have the girls and head to the trailer for a solo painting party. I asked different friends and family members if they would like to help (I even offered to pay people!) but yet something always came up and little ole me was left alone painting.

One day my brothers girlfriend, whom I haven’t been on the best terms with offered to help. I reluctantly said yes. The next day we gathered our supplies and headed out to paint. It was just me and her, no outside influences, no screaming kids, just time for us to really connect.

We had conversations about everything. We spoke of life, love, relationships, and kids. She shared  information about her and my brothers relationship that I had been oblivious about. After about an hour I forgot why I disliked her in the first place. Sure, she has a kind of shady past, which included some prison time, but maybe she really had changed.

I had let other people dictate the way I felt about her, never really giving her a fair shot. She had built a reputation for herself that had stuck like glue. It was hard to accept what she was now and to try to understand her when I had such horrible preconceived notions about her from the beginning.

People can change for the better. Sometimes you just have to take the time to really understand where someone is coming from before you are able to accept them. My brothers girlfriend has a had a rough life and has a less than flattering reputation. She doesn’t complain about how bad her life is, she doesn’t listen to the gossip, the only thing she has done in the past several months is work on being a better person. I knew this all along, I just wouldn’t admit it.

We all do dumb things, some of us just get caught or ridiculed. Life is full of pain and mistakes, but dwelling on mistakes or letting your mistakes define who you are is foolish. The next time that you judge someone stop and think – are you letting other people influence your opinion without even giving that person a chance? Because sometimes it’s the people you least expect that will offer you a helping hand.


  1. Hannah says

    Found your blog via Get Rich Slowly and I really like it! You seem so down to earth, practical and able to tackle anything. I love your upbeat attitude and I bet you can take on the world and win! :)

  2. Samantha says

    I just came thru via your article today at GRS. Very impressed! And I’m totally stealing the quote “Screwing up two things at the same time is not Multitasking.” That needs to be my motto this weekend!!!

    • Alexa says

      Haha so true right. Whoever says multitasking is the best way to get stuff done is lying lol. I am glad you clicked on over!

  3. says

    You nailed it.. we all do dumb things it’s just some of us get caught whether it be speeding, running red lights, forgetting to pay for something and not going back in etc etc.. and in this case not giving someone a second chance when maybe they deserve one. I know many people that are good people but just screwed up. They deserve to make it right.. life is too short to put everyone on the back burner for their past. It’s important to make the call ourselves and not let others put thoughts in our head about what we should and shouldn’t feel. Great post. Mr.CBB

    • Alexa says

      Sometimes it’s so hard not to let peoples past effect the way we perceive them, but people truly do change and everyone is deserving of a fair chance. From now on I am going to try to give a everyone a fair chance.


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